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21 Jun 2016


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They are really Good , David and the team have been showing exceptional customer service THANK YOU

17 Jan 2016

A Dogs Life!

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We rescued our dog Didge in April 2015, and I spent a good amount of time researching dog kennels, to find a facility that I knew Didge would be truly happy in. Dogdayz at Warrandyte were brilliant and the surroundings are lovely!! David showed both Didge and I around, to ensure he would know the place he was staying in, and I could see the instant delight in Didges behaviour at being there. Didge then stayed for a weekend in November 2015 and came back very happy, and again over Christmas (he was in for 2 weeks). Judging by his happiness on return, he had a ball! He loves the company of dogs and to have the freedom to run around (in the well fenced facility) and to just be a dog, for him was great! I am now very comfortable and happy that when we go on holidays, Didge will be having a great holiday too! The staff are very kind and caring and are always giving the dogs lots of cuddles. David has many many years of experience and expertise with dogs, which also makes me confident in the knowledge, that Didge will have the best care possible. Thanks dogdayz!

22 Sep 2015

Thanks so much for looking after my little Shiba

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My very spoiled 3 year old shiba inu has never slept outside, never wanted for anything and certainly has never required boarding before! However, multiple family members were going on holiday at once and I had to find somewhere for my little girl to stay for 2 weeks. I spent hours looking for somewhere that looked reliable, was clean, secure (she is QUITE the escape artist), friendly, caring, safe and affordable. Quite a challenge, and there are so many different experiences had by people on the same boarding facilities. It was all becoming quite overwhelming. Finally came across DogDayz at Warrandyte and was invited to go and visit their facilities. Was met by the friendly owner and shown around. Facilities are cosy, clean, and I was impressed by the multiple enclosure system so my naughty pup would be unlikely to escape properly even if she did get through one gate or two. However, the happy, running, barking and wagging boarding dogs that greeted us were all I really needed to know about this place. That and the friendly, personable staff made me so much less anxious about leaving her behind. Whilst away they were happy to receive calls checking on her, and even sent me a photo via FB to show me her panting, grinning face. Once home, she has slept for 24 hours and is only now ready for a walk again. She has had a ball and I can't thank you guys enough Highly recommended

22 Aug 2015

Happy dog = happy owner

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Because my lab. has an ongoing medical issue which needs daily care and attention, I asked a friend (who is a professional dog trainer) if she could recommend a reliable boarding kennel where I could confidently leave my dog and trust that his needs would be well taken care of. Her recommendation was Dogdayz Warrandyte and we are now regular users of this very well run and well appointed facility, where I have total confidence in the high level of care given to my dog.

09 Aug 2015

Never Again

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My dog stayed at the Warrandyte kennel of DogDayz for 24 hours. When I picked her up she was distressed and frightened. The staff had to open gates so she could run to me to be caught. She had an injured hind leg, was bruised and had become leash reactive, which she had not been when I dropped her off. I will never again take my dog to that facility.

28 Apr 2015

A highly recommended pet stay

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Highly recommend this place with great facilities and loving and caring staff who have always looked after and nurtured our dog while we get away. Our previous dog loved this place and now our new dog does too. Goes there happy and comes home happy! Absolutely love the photos we get too. A special treat
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18 Feb 2017


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If your dog so much as barks A few times here you won't be Welcomed back. You are running a kennel here aren't you? Find another kennel these operators are amateurs. Do not recommend.

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Dogdayz - Warrandyte
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Dog Boarding, Grooming and Day Care. With three lovely locations, Dogdayz Country Clubs provide open space and rural ambience while still conveniently in metropolitan Melbourne. Dogdayz Warrandyte - Five acres of garden and parkland on the banks of Melbourne’s Yarra river—providing ample space for exercise and outdoor recreation for all dogs in our care.

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