3 Reasons why you need Pet Insurance

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As pet owners I think that we can all agree that the day to day care of our pets can be costly?  However, nothing can compare to the cost of an unexpected health emergency. Our furry friends, just like us, may sail through life without ever suffering a real health crisis. But if they do, the costs can be just as exorbitant as health interventions for human beings, if not higher.


Thankfully pet insurance can help cover some of the costs associated with a veterinary emergency. But does the risk of not having it, outweigh the peace of mind of having a quality pet insurance policy in place?


Just like all other types of insurance, it can be difficult to quantify paying a monthly bill knowing that you may never see any type of return on it. However, in the event that you do need pet insurance, you’re likely it be very thankful that you made the investment.


Here are the top three reasons why we believe pet insurance is a good idea:


1. The cost of veterinary care

Veterinary care, even basic wellness care, can get very expensive. Vaccines, regular checkups and pest control medications can cost pet owners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. But what happens if your pet should unfortunately get sick or become injured as a result of an unexpected accident or illness?


Whilst not all policies cover routine care options (please read any policy carefully before deciding on the type of cover that best suits you or your pet’s needs) any quality pet insurance should cover accidents and treatment for non-congenital illnesses, which can generate some of the most expensive vet bills. And as new technology and different treatments become available, so does the rising costs of veterinarian care.


2. Preparing for the unexpected

Whilst we wish that our beloved furry friend lives a long, quiet and healthy life, the truth is that we can’t protect them from everything. Should they require more than the ‘out of ordinary’ veterinary care, the peace of mind of knowing that we don’t have to choose between affordability or saving our pets life is worth every penny of our monthly premium. And the good news is that most policies allow you to customize your plan to suit your own monthly budget and even provide a discount for a multi pet family.


3. Other types of Pet Insurance coverage

Pet Insurance isn’t just for when your pet may fall ill. Many plans cover a variety of different eventualities and services, such as dental work or skin conditions or complaints. One example of other coverage with the RSPCA policy is that they will pay for your pet boarding fees if you yourself become ill and are hospitalised for more than four days (see their terms and conditions).


However regardless of your budget or type of lifestyle you lead, the peace of mind knowing your pet is covered in case of any emergency may be very difficult to place a price on.


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