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Thursday 25th June, 2015


Have you ever wished you could read your pet’s minds? When it comes to going to pet boarding, dogs and cats probably have very different reactions most of the time! It might go something like this!


Dog: Oh! Oh! You’re getting the bye-bye bag! Are we going in the car? Will I get a treat? Am I going to see those nice people at the happy place that has lots of other doggies? Do you love me? I love you! I’m hungry!. . .


Cat: (Sigh.) I see she’s packing the old Samsonite yet again. I suppose this means I’ll be going away for awhile. Terrific. I’ll have to miss all my favorite television shows again.


Dog: What are you doing with my food? Don’t put that in the suitcase! We need that! Hey! That’s my favorite toy! You can’t have that! Oh, hey, yeah! We should bring my toys and my food! Good idea!


Cat: Yeah, sure. Just pack me up and move me out like I’m a big burden. Living with other felines is absolutely no imposition on my reclusive nature. Where to this time? Cancun? Barbados? Bringing back me another stupid toy?


Dog: Let’s get in the car! Let’s go for a ride! I can’t wait to get there! Wait--where are we going again?


Cat: Ah, yes. And there it is: the dreaded pet carrier. I knew you were going to drag that thing out and put me in it. Now the real fun starts. Why fight it? I’m doomed.


Dog: Okay, here we go! We’re going bye-bye in the car! Woo-hoo! Wait a second-- The cat’s goin’, too? Oh, well.  Maybe she’ll be a little less grouchy once she gets out of the house.  Okay. Sure. Whatever. Here we go! Oh, I’m excited! I love you!


Cat: At least I’ll be able to get away from this annoying dog for a few days! You’re going to the boarder’s, Fido, not Disney World! Hey. . .wait a minute. That nice lady is there. The one that brushed me and told me I was beautiful! Come on, let’s move! Haven’t you got a plane to catch?


Dog: Hey, Fifi! You’re smiling! Hey, mom, the cat’s smiling!  I can’t believe it! You’re happy, aren’t you? I’m happy, too! This is so much fun, isn’t it? I love you, Fifi kitty!


Cat: Settle down, Einstein. I’m not after your love.  I’m happy, okay? Now let’s leave it alone. Sure hope she remembered to pack those treats I like. And my catnip mouse! The Queen’s coming back! This is gonna be great!

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