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There’s no doubt that our four-legged friends are as much a part of our family as their human counterparts, and a bond develops between pups and people that can often be just as deep as the one between us and our two-legged loved ones. However as much as we think about our dogs being the furrier version of small children, there are some times when travelling with a pet just isn’t feasible. When those times arise, it is important for us to take the initiative to ensure we are looking for the best dog boarding kennel to provide a fun, comfortable, and healthy environment.


Best Practices for Selecting a Dog Boarding Kennel


1. Get First-hand Information – Reading online reviews can be very helpful to get your search started, but they don’t always paint a crystal clear view of the kennel. What is right for some may not be right for others. The best information source will likely be your veterinarian who often enjoys professional relationships with accredited boarders. They also know your pup, helping them recommend a suitable environment for your dog.


2. A Puppy Parent can be a Puppy Expert – One of the best ways to find the right dog boarding kennel is to ask other “pet parents” for their two cents. People closest to you tend to have similar values in place for their pooch, and will often be more forth-coming about likes and dislikes of a facility than someone you have only a professional relationship with.


3. Be Thorough – You wouldn’t leave your child with just anyone without ensuring a full background check was complete—and the same rules should apply for your pet. There are various programs, depending on the state, which detail the laws surrounding boarding animals in Australia. For example, the NSW Government enforces a code of conduct related to the treatment, care, and environment where your pet will stay. You can also find detailed information on the responsibilities of such establishments in the Animal Welfare Code of Practice, which describes the many official standards revolving around accommodations, feeding practices, licencing, and medical care.


Comfort, Cleanliness & Care for your Canine

The most important aspect to dog kennel boarding is making sure you find that special fit for your pooch. Be sure to visit the facilities first to inspect for cleanliness, licensing, and veterinary certificates. Check on the overall appearance and demeanour of the current residents.

Once you’ve decided it meets your approval, it’s best (if possible) to bring your dog to the kennel to see if it meets their approval. Watch how they react around the caregivers and within the environment. This preview can make it much easier for Fido when the time comes to sleep over, especially if you’re boarding an elderly dog.

Follow these guidelines so that when the time comes for you to temporarily part from your pet, you can feel confident knowing you’ve done all the necessary research to ensure your fur-babies are in good hands while you’re away.


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