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19th January 2015

Anyone who’s ever had pets knows that at times our furry friends can smell less than delicious. Wet dog, litter box stink and bad breath are tops on this list. Cats normally are not as malodourous as dogs, but they’re not exempt from smelling raunchy. Here are a few common odour problems for both dogs and cats, and how to deal with them.


Soggy Dog

Wet dog smell is easier to handle than most. Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder into her fur and let her dry. If she’ll let you, use your blow dryer. Done! Fresh as a daisy.


Need a Tic-Tac?

Bad breath (aka halitosis) in both cats and dogs indicates decay and/or disease issues, so see your vet. Some dogs will tolerate a daily gentle scrub with a tooth brush and doggie tooth paste – cats not so much. Halitosis can also be indicative of stomach issues, so don’t play around – see your vet.


Bottoms Up!

Anal gland smell is disgusting, plain and simple. Sometimes pets can’t attend to this problem themselves (if they’re obese, have arthritis, or are shaped like a pug!), so once again, this is a problem for the vet. I know some pet owners who look after this themselves, but if you’re like me, you’ll want someone else to take care of it!


Did You Hear That?

Ears are a common source of an unpleasant, sweet and yeasty odour, particularly in dogs with floppy or heavy ones. Dogs who enjoy a regular swim are quite prone to these ear infections, which are treated with drops readily available from your vet. NEVER give your dog a human pain killer if you think he has an earache – use the ear drops as directed and if the problem persists, see your vet.


Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

Finally we come to the litter box. You know the answer to this one - keep that box scrupulously clean! Most cats won’t use a dirty litter box, and that can cause a whole other set of stinky problems. If you have multiple cats, give them each their own box and clean them daily. Once a week, empty the box(es), disinfect then give them a water rinse and dry thoroughly. Then add fresh litter.

Bottom line? Keep your pets well-groomed and inspect them weekly for any signs of odour trouble. Treat it quickly before it’s out of control and don’t hesitate to ask for your vet’s assistance.


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