Camelot Pet Resort
Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding and Doggy Day Care - Karnup Western Australia

4.2 5 paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
5 reviews

1881 Mandurah Road, Karnup, WA, 6176 Karnup, WA 6176
(08) 9524 1050
4.2 paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
5 reviews
Lucy and Smudge

28 Apr 2018

Great Place

paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
They really love the dogs and cats. Great place I highly recommend them. When we picked our cat and dog up they knew their personalities. We will use the. Again.

26 Jul 2017

Happy Dog

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I have a German Shepherd, who I have boarded at Camelot a couple times. Every time he goes he there he is always so excited and happy, he enjoys seeing all the other dogs and the kennels are always clean. I would never take him any where else.

21 Apr 2017

will not use again

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sampson was once a confident 2yr old american staffy, since his stay there he has become extremely scared of strangers & is extremely jittery when touched even by us unless it is in full frontal view of him without any surprise, i cant say for sure what caused this.... but he was extremely self confident before his stay here & would approach strangers for a pat & to say hello without any issues.... coincidence?????
Replied By Business Owner, 25 Jul 2017
Disgruntled customer; was happy to bring Sampson to Camelot for boarding at least 4 times in 12 months without any complaint until she was told we would not take him back and why!!!! Sampson does have behaviour issues; Why is Sampson afraid of his owners to the extent as written the owners can only approach him front on !!!!! We never had the same problem.There is obviously a problem at home. So why did I inform the owner we would not take the dog back into the kennels again. 1. Unless some one was with Sampson all the time he would bark and keep barking for hours at a time (probably the reason he was boarded so often) Sampson would keep barking almost all night and neither any of the dogs or anyone in our home could get any sleep. 2.Sampson was very aggressive to other owners passing his kennel to drop off or pick up, this worried a lot of owners so a decision had to be made. 3. I also asked the owner to be vigilant with Sampson as I believed after looking after the dog so many times and knew his nature that there was a strong possibility he would bite some one. The owner did not take what I said well, and the Pinocchio post about our business says it all. Posted photo’s of Sampson enjoying playing in our yards. 2 or so weeks ago Sampson's owner after swimming her dog with a calming collar on (they work on smell so wet they won’t work) met an employee of ours, who bent down and said hello Sampson how are you and started patting him and he was happy to receive her attention. Our employee asked after Sampson’s nerviness issues and both women chatted for at least 15 minuets and our employee suggested trying calming chews that she new about and was thanked for her help. The owner said she would go straight to the store and buy the calming chews to help Sampson. They parted with pleasantries and in a very friendly attitude. The owner never let on she had any issues with us or that she had put a bad and damaging review about Camelot. For genuine comments regarding how well we care for our boarders by genuine customers please click on our FB or web page Regards Steve Butcher Partner/Owner

16 Dec 2014

Caring & clean

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Family run business in a beautiful location. Our dog loves it here, he gets exercised and played with in lovely grassed areas. We feel very happy to leave him here when we are away.
Norton, Jade and PeeCee

10 Dec 2014

My fur babies love it here

paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
Family run pet resort. Large exercise yard. Lots of cuddles. Very clean. Exterior looks like a castle and sitting on top of a hill it has amazing beach views. My 2 dogs and 1 cat have stayed here on a number of occasions and will continue to do so when I am on holidays.

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Camelot Pet Resort

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