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404 The Entrance Rd, Erina Heights, NSW, 2260 Erina Heights, NSW 2260
(02) 4367 7394
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1 reviews
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03 Oct 2019

Very Rude and unprofessional

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THINK TWICE BEFORE BOARDING WITH THIS COMPANY. Kireena Park Boarding Kennels I called John to enquire about his boarding services. He was lovely over the phone and gave me his email so that I could send through my dogs details and dates of boarding. However, this was the only professional experience I received from this service. As this is my first time boardiuung my 1 year old puppy I was rightfully nervous. After a couple emails John confirmed that he would check in with my Vet and will send through a booking confirmation once vaccination details were received. At this stage I thought service was great and that I could continue asking questions about the services provided, I thought wrong. I asked the following questions: 1. Will my dog be walked? 2. Will my dog have play time with other dogs. 3. Is there any overnight supervision to ensure the dogs are settled and safe. These questions were not answered. Instead John wrote back refusing to accept a boarding booking from me and that I couldn’t be serious about my questions. Now I asked the above questions as competitors in the same area offered the following: - Socialisation with other dogs - Walks - Baths - Some overnight supervision I wanted to see if the Kireena Park Boarding and Kennelling service provided the same amount of care. I also wanted to clarify what I thought was said over the phone. He also emailed back saying that my “memory recall” was dreadful and that no kennel service in terrigal provided any of this, especially over night care. He then ended the conversation by telling me to never contact him again. Is it really that uncommon for a boarding service to provide walking, socialisation, and additional services like over night supervision? Apparently not according to boarding services located in the same area. I agree that over night supervision is hard to come by in a boarding service. However, I was pleased to hear that Pet Resorts terrigal and Nuts about Mutts offer this service and were more than happy to assist with my enquirers. 24 hour care information can be found on the Nuts about Mutts website and link below and information from Terrigal Luxury pet resort was obtained over the phone. Please find the links supporting my above service claims that indeed have these additional activities included like walking, socialising, bathing, and some 24/7 supervision. You may be wondering why I didn’t go with the Luxury Pet Resort or Nuts about Mutts? Well these were my first pick. Luxury Pet Resort Terrigal have amazing staff and offer a large variety of services. The only down fall of this service is the price over the Christmas period. Being a university student I do not have that much extra cash lying around. So I looked else where. Nuts about Mutts were completely booked for this period. Now coming back to the Kireena Park Kennel and Boarding service, I was astonished and horrified at the lack of professionalism I received in response to my email. I merely summarised Johns emails to fit them into this review, he added a lot more unprofessional language then what I have included in this review. I replied to the boarding refusal and explained that my questions are serious and that other competitors in the same area either offer some or all of the above additional services. The replies I received were rude, belittling, and malicious. I would have liked to post this review on their Facebook page but they have now blocked me so that I couldn’t make a negative review. So again I would not trust their review rating as their seem to bock people who are unhappy with their services.

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Kireena Park Boarding Kennels

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