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5.0 1 paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
1 reviews

5.0 paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
1 reviews

10 Jan 2015

Repeat Boarder

paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
Our dog has been boarding at Northshore Pet Resort for 3 years. We have a very difficult german shepherd who can be aggressive to new people, and our dog is always okay with the people when we go to her. This is saying something! Our dog is also a barker and also quite insolent - so he's an all round pain in the backside - but they seem to manage her well. Again, this is saying something! When we used to take our dog to the previous kennel, he would completely freak out when we got 10km away (he obviously recognised where we were going) and would make such a fuss about not wanting to go inside. Their cages seem to be much more sizey than other kennels and their facilities seem to be much nicer overall. So it would seem that the overall experience for the dog is decent and it's not like some other kennels where it feels that the dog just gets shoved in a tiny cage. We also get a Report Card when we collect our dog which states their overall behaviour, appearance etc and so it's always nice to see how the dog has gone. You can also pay for add-ons like walks, play time, email updates etc. The only downside is that their boarding fees are a bit higher than other kennels. So it's very much a matter of you get what you pay for. We are happy to take our dog here and pay a bit higher so that we know he will be okay and not to distraught while we are away.

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