Beau’s Pet Hotel
Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding and Doggy Day Care - Adelaide Airport South Australia

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1 Navaid Road, Adelaide Airport, SA, 5950 Adelaide Airport, SA 5950
(08) 8115 6080
1.6 paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
3 reviews

02 May 2019

Disgusting attitude by staff

paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating paw rating
It might look lovely but this is run by kids who keep making up new rules that are not in the terms & conditions. Very unprofessional and impolite staff. I have boarded my dog there 5 times as I’ve had no other choice but I will never board my dog there again. There is no ‘playtime’ with other dogs staying in the “Classic Suites” unless you pay extra - this is not shown on the website so “Classic” actually means a cage with 3x5 minute breaks for a wee. (This is less than a person gets in a maximum security prison). The staff insisted on last minute vaccinations after accepting my first booking that were in addition to the ones shown on the website terms and conditions and my vet said were unnecessary and outdated. My dog came into season unexpectedly during her recent stay and they insisted I pick her up immediately although this is not in the terms and conditions. Sh was in a kennel on her own with no access to dogs and I was overseas. This was not a medical emergency but they told me she would be sent to a vet at my own expense if I did not pick her up immediately. Rude and junior staff and this $9m building complex is nothing more than a posh reception that hides a bunch of overpriced cages that you have to pay a high premium if you want your pooch to receive some TLC. Put your money elsewhere.
Peggy and Rocky

29 Oct 2018

Boarding at beaus pet hotel

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My two dogs have boarded there 8 times for a period of 3/4 nights at a time. Very convenient when catching a flight. However the last 2 times I have bought them in ,the staff have appeared indifferent and slightly bored by the job. I noticed one of the girls did not acknowledge us at all as we approached the check in desk. The staff seem to be different to when we first brought our dogs in . Has there been a huge staff turnover? And if so the staff now working there are very unsuitable for looking after animals in a kind and friendly,chatty way

06 Sep 2018

Beaus honest pet stay review

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We boarded our small dog at Beaus because the Hills Pet Hotel had closed. When we left our dog and started to walk out i was horrified to see one of the staff literally dragging my dog to his room. Sure, my dog did not want us to leave, but there are other things than to just keep dragging him along the floor. When i yelled out other staff quickly responded. My dog came back distressed and underweight...and this was not because they walked him more that usual because there are no walks...there are small play areas. My dog normally walks 3ks a day. The general boarding was unbelievably noisy and so we had to have a private room which was expensive actually. I am not sure about all the hype on the Beaus website regarding the 4.7 rating. Maybe some show/pure breed dogs like the dog of Glamadelaide have had better treatment (although our little dog is a pure breed ...he isn't a designer dog etc). It took 2 weeks for our dog to return to being himself....and for us to put his weight back on. it only ever took a day when he returned from the other pet hotel which is now unfortunately closed.

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Beau’s Pet Hotel

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