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31 Ross Smith Avenue, Mascot, NSW, 2020 Mascot, NSW 2020
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14 Sep 2018


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Why some business/staff these days say something but mean the opposite? • Weeks before we went away. My wife and I looked Hanrob websites - Hanrob Pet Hotel Sydney Airport for convenience and what they had to offer to trust & care for our dog. • We were invited to visit the Hanrob Sydney Airport Hotel site for a tour. When we arrived, we were told we were not allowed in due to OHS. This is not what we were told on the phone or what was on their website. We were invited to view the facility through a small window in a timber door about 1.5 metres from the floor and 30 cm square to view inside. It all looked very clean with many dogs (around 30 - 40 in a room). We were told there were more cages out the back. • My wife and I discussed this and we thought from what we could see it looked clean and they seemed caring & could be trusted. We received a quote for one of the many services for a stay at Mascot. • We phoned to arrange how to pay the deposit. We were advised to secure a place immediately, pay over the phone now using our credit card. We said we do not like giving our credit card details over the phone. The girl said 'that is okay we do not keep the information'. We thought &told the balance would be paid upon our return. Hanrob accessed our account whilst we were away, days later, using the information originally provided. This is not what we were told. Why? • We dropped our pet of the day before we left, with her regular dry food & some treats, we were told to bring, because some pets get an upset tummy when their normal food is replaced with a different one. The facility manager said there was no need for this as they gave all the dogs the same food that we had brought, if she did get an upset tummy, they would just give her dry food. (Something we did not want to hear when we had brought food as advised). My wife said our dog should be fine. The facility manager completed a one-page form and asked us to sign it. I noticed Heathcote on the top and asked the facility manager where our dog would be staying she said Heathcote I said no the arrangement was for our dog to remain in Hanrob Hotel Sydney Airport at Mascot. She asked if we would like our dog taken for additional 30 minute walks to suite our budget. We agreed. She also said for $25 they could wash the dog prior to us picking our dog up. We said NO, as we have booked our dog in for another grooming upon our return. She said would could pay the balance of account upon our return. This did not happen Hanrob accessed our account days later with our credit card details the girl had said she had destroyed. She said the dog would remain at Mascot. I read the rest and signed with great deal of reservation. I asked for a copy and she refused. This form should be given to everyone that leaves their pets with Hanrob Hotels, it is very interesting to read. Pet owners may decide not to leave their loved ones there. • My wife and I felt reasonably comfortable that our dog/pet would be cared for because we had our veterinarian give our dog her regular check-up and injections three days before we were boarding her, in addition to her regular grooming. A Hanrob girl (handler) came out from where the dogs were kept and said she would be handling / looking after our dog / pet. She removed our dogs collar (and gave it to us with our lead) and replaced it with a black one. She said our dog had a couple of knots under her chest. We said they maybe tiny as we had taken her for her regular grooming the day before. The girl said she would brush her to ensure she did not become terribly knotted. This did not happen. • Returned from being away. We arrived to collect our dog at the time we said. Our dog was brought out she was all wet. I asked the facility manager why. The facility manager said they had to wash her. We said we did not want her washed. She advised she smelt because she had been lying in dog urine and faeces. I said I thought the kennels were clean. She said that was okay Hanrob did not charge us for this. We asked how often she was walked she could not answer. Was our dog taken for the extra walks as promised? This most probably did not happen also. • In addition, we did not receive an invoice/account stating what services had been agreed upon or any other details. Hanrob does not seem to be a well-run business, every business we deal with provides us with an invoice with details on services provided and we receive a receipt when paid. • When we arrived home, our dog was still wet and had to be dried. She was still filthy dirt under her paws and coat was extremely knotted all over, not what we were led to believe. This is not what we expected from a business trained in pet welfare providing caring and trusted service. • Our dog/pet as all dog / pet owners mean/s a lot to us we are very, very disappointed. We wish our dog could talk, we are sure it was worse during her stay. This experience is not what we or our dog/pet expected.
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Fluffy and Pumpkin

08 Oct 2021

Absolutely terrified and all my worries disappeared

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We had to get our two cats frog Melbourne to Brisbane and ended up with a 2 night stay at Hanrob Sydney Airport for our Ragdoll Fluffy and British Shorthair Pumpkin. I was so incredibly nervous, they've never flown before let alone stayed in a pet hotel and not being able to have them with me gave me major anxiety. The team at Hanrob instantly made me feel at ease. They confirmed the email address I could check in on them on, and no matter how many times I checked in, they ALWAYS gave me thorough, honest updates. To the Hanrob Sydney Airport team, you guys made a rough experience a completely seamless one. Thank you for all that you do. Its so clear you guys are all pet lovers. - Aimee

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