3 Things to Bring: Boarding your Dog or Cat


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For many of us, leaving our pets in the care of others is something we would do only as a last resort, when having them travel with us just isn’t in their best interest. Luckily when these necessary times apart occur, there are many reputable cat and dog boarding kennels to provide a home away from home for your furry friend. Here are some helpful tips on what to pack for your pet to make their stay comfy and relaxed.


Cats and dogs may have their differences, but they also have quite a bit in common when it comes to missing their owners, and feeling safe and secure in a new environment. Let’s take a look at some of the provisions you can bring for your pet to keep them happy and healthy until you return.


1. You Are What You Eat

As humans we have an evolved palate, which enjoys a wide variety of tastes. We'd find it pretty unpleasant to eat the same meal night after night, but our four-legged friends definitely prefer routine dining. One of the best ways you can help your pet to be happy while kennel boarding is to ensure you bring their regular food and snacks. Animals tend to be creatures of habit and giving them their usual dinner selections will not only keep their digestive systems on track, but will also help assure them that their whole lives haven’t changed forever. This is especially true when kennel boarding an elderly dog or a nervous cat who isn’t used to being away from you.


2. Comforts of Home

Just like human children (and let’s be honest, like a few of us adults, too) animals tend to have a go-to item which makes them feel safe and in control of their environment. Bringing something they associate with home and security, like a bed, toy, or portable fabric “house,” has a calming psychological effect that will let your pet remain comfortable while they are away from their usual living space.


3. A Clean Bill of Health

This one may not necessarily bring your pooch or kitty much emotional comfort, but it definitely will ensure their physiological safety while boarding with other animals. Virtually all dog and cat boarding kennels will require a minimum quota of vaccinations, but there is a good case for extending your pet’s health treatments beyond the basics. Several viruses are highly transmittable between dogs or cats, and by making sure that your pet is as healthy as possible then the chance for developing or spreading illness is virtually extinguished.


It is never easy to leave your pet behind, especially knowing that you can’t properly explain to them what is happening or that you will be back soon. Keep these tips in mind when taking Fido & Fluffy to their pet hotel and they will feel like they, too, are enjoying a vacation!


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