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7 Phillip Court, Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207 Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
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17 Jan 2017

Happy to abuse your pet, then charge you!

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For a business dedicated and founded on caring for your pet, they certainly have no issue abusing or traumatising your pet against your wishes in order to justify fees. There are of course the normal fees, board and feeding, but there are fees to be social (let in with other dogs), fees to be walked (otherwise pooch gets to sit confined and alone), fees to be given medication you provide (otherwise pooch doesn't get their meds), and my favourite, fees to be bathed and blow dried. Now, the last one sounds reasonable until you find out it's mandatory for your dog to be bathed and blowdried. It doesn't matter if they have a skin condition, or if they were bathed before you brought them there, or if bathing is quite traumatic for them and the blow drier is even moreso. It doesn't even matter if on their extensive questionaire you tick the box indicating your pet finds it "TRAUMATIC" to be bathed and then tick the box that indicates your pet finds it "TRAUMATIC" to be blow dried. It doesn't matter if you insist three times that your pet must NOT be bathed and blowdried, "it's mandatory". Or if you say "charge me for it but don't wash my pet or blow dry them". This company happily will find out through your mouth and their own questionaire that your pet is not to be bathed and will still go ahead with it's "MANDATORY". Not just the fee, but the action. Our dog was picked up from this horrid, money-hungry hotel in such a state that the woman who brought him out was distressed. He is very old and has terrible arthritis. He could hardly stand and was shaking all over, absolutely terrified. I am DISGUSTED that your awful company is there to care for animals, yet you deliberately traumatise them. Our dog is a breed that doesn't have the oils in his skin which cause dogs to smell. He is so old he doesn't roll around or play in the dirt. Yet these monsters thought it was completely appropriate to ignore the owners, ignore the dog and just go right on ahead with a god damned wash and blow dry. We are beyond furious. What a DISGUSTING HOLE-tel you operate. You should be ashamed of your treatment towards animals. It's one thing to force a much needed pill, but an unneeded and unwanted bath AND blow dry? We will NEVER be using your business again, and will be sure to inform anyone and everyone of the danger of using your services and of the lack of care and respect you exhibit. Our dog is very old and every day is spent trying to make him comfortable. Thanks for deliberately harming him and negatively and knowingly affecting is well-being. Oh, and thanks for taking our money to do so.

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