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The Know, Like, Trust rule for your best pet boarding choice


Choosing the best option for your pet, whilst you are away can be a daunting task. So here are some tips that will ensure that you are choosing the right option for you and your pets.


Do your research on a few of your chosen pet boarding facilities, pet sitters or doggy day care centres. Check out online reviews, ask your vet, or ask a family or friends if they can give you a good recommendation. Once you have narrowed your choices down, go for an introduction to get to know your pet care professional.



On meeting your pet sitter or pet boarding staff, how do you feel about them? Trust your 'gut feeling'. Do you like them?



Once you get the sense that you are leaving your beloved fur baby in good hands and you have that rapport with your chosen pet care professional, its time to make that booking! Book well in advance, we might that you and your furkid are not disappointed.

Now you can rest assured that you will enjoy your break, and your pet will enjoy their holiday too!


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10 important questions to ask before boarding your pet
10 important questions to ask before boarding your pet

Going away on holiday can be an exciting time for us pet owners, yet how can you be sure that your companions stay will be as happy and relaxing as your own, whilst you are away? Leaving your pet with knowledgeable and experienced pet boarding operators can be achieved by knowing the right questions to ask.

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