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04 Jan 2015


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We put our 6 month puppy in for a 3 night stay. We were told at time of booking that she would be put with another puppy for company and would play with the other dogs. But when we got there they said that her breed was too dangerous and she would be isolated. We informed the centre of her breed (staffy) prior to booking and they never mentioned isolation! We also requested a viewing of the centre and were rudely informed NO, even though we asked during the allocated reviewing times. So very disappointed and we will not be using their services again.
Replied By Business Owner, 22 Jan 2015
I would like to address the review relating to staffys. Like many kennels our accommodations is based on shared accommodation. with over 40 years in the business and both Karen and myself, holding national director positions with in Australian associations for pet boarding we know only to much that pets safety is paramount while in our care. With this being said we do have selected breeds that we simply do not mix with other dogs. This is not new and is not something that’s specific to us in fact most reputable kennels that I know of have this same policy. We are not saying we will not take staffys and we are not saying that they are a bad breed but what we are saying is that experience and knowledge of the breeds indicates that the likely hood of specific breeds not mixing well with others is at a much higher rate. So for the safety of other pets certain breeds have to board solo. We understand that out of the breeds we make board solo, you may have a dog that get along with everyone. We respect this but in a different environment, with new people and living in a space with another dog that they have never met the chances of this changing is likely. There was only a case in 2013 that made news headlines where a kennel had mixed a breed we class as solo with another and the outcome was devastating. We are proud to say that this has not and will not ever happen at our resort simply due to our procedures and policy’s. I would like to mention that at this time I write this we have over 10 staffys boarding with us and on their own they are beautiful dogs. We love each one, but for their safety and others we have taken all reasonable actions. They still enjoy staff interaction and playtimes as booked only it is one on one. I hope I have been able to provide some insight and welcome you to contact me direct if you have any concerns or questions. I would be happy to arrange an inspection with myself should you so wish or please feel free to come and inspect our award winning and QLD only PIAA accredited facility during our well-advertised inspections times.

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