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We didn't really intend to write about a pet hotel that isn’t in our own backyard, but we couldn't resist telling you about this luxury pet hotel chain in the USA.  As I read the list of decadent amenities available at this heavenly pet resort, a voice in the back of my head kept telling me to book it – for me, not the fur kids. Honestly, it sounded better than some of the human all-inclusives I’ve been perusing lately! 


Location, Location, Location

Let’s start with the pure genius locations - next to the three largest airport hubs in the USA. Park in their on-site car park and enjoy a free shuttle to and from the airport. Or, if you’re in a rush, use the Boarding Lounge for quick pet drop-off and pick-up when time is of the essence.

Each resort is a minimum of 25,000 square feet, and features large grass indoor play areas, bone-shaped in-ground splash pools for the  doggies, and an adventure jungle full of safe climbing trees and a 'for viewing only' aquarium full of fish for the kitties. The resorts offer separate scaled-down wings for smaller dogs, and cats can choose from spacious, intelligently-appointed Deluxe, Executive and Presidential Bungalows complete with chandeliers, full-length mirrors and a private water fall!


Spa time, slumber parties & nightly turn-down service

Pampering your pets is foremost at this pet resort chain. Book Princess a relaxing spa day that could include a hot oil massage therapy treatment followed by a mud bath, pawdicure or designer haircut. Later, watch her dine on fine foods pre-selected by you, via closed- circuit cameras accessible to you anywhere in the world, 24-7.

Nightly tuck-in service complete with a bedtime story sees kitties and pooches settling down for a good night’s sleep in their own suite featuring a flat screen TV, superior quality bedding and a bedtime cookie for good measure! If your dog doesn’t want to be alone at night, the resort offers slumber party lounges where pooches can meet up and (ahem!) sleep together – supervised, of course! Even if you’re not travelling, your pet can enjoy a visit to this pet resort for daily daycare as well as training, a vet visit or a special event such as a Christmas party or doggie birthday parties.

None of this comes cheap, of course. Daily rates are comparable to a human stay at a decent hotel. But for some, the knowledge that their pet has the luxury of on-site veterinary assistants, professional pet first aid-certified attendants and industry-leading sanitizing systems and fine dining, money is no object. Leave it to the Americans to take pet boarding to a new level of decadence, and for those who have the bucks, I say why not?


Australian Pet Resorts who are leading the way

Back to sniffing out our own turf….It should be no surprise that Australia is a nation of pet lovers. But did you know that according to a survey by Roy Morgan Research, a higher proportion of us live in households with a dog and/or cat than with a child? Pet ownership is up to a whopping 50% in Australia. The good news for us pet lovers is that we are quickly catching up with our US counterparts when it comes to ‘no expense spared’, luxury pet boarding services available for our dear little fluff balls.  We have errmmm, dug up a few examples for you to purr-ruse. So if you’re looking for ‘all out’ luxury accommodation ideas for your fur kids, then have a look at the ‘useful links’ section below to see if we can help you find them?


Find your pet paradise here in Australia

However, with all this said, ask yourself ‘What’s really important to me and my best friend when it comes to pet boarding?’ Check out the reviews at Petstayadvisor to find the purr-fect home away from home for your special friends and get the peace of mind you and they truly deserve.


Luxury Australian dog boarding

Small Paws Pet Hotel, NSW

Dogue Country Retreat, NSW

Nepean Animal Hospital Luxury Pet Hotel, NSW

The Pets Hotel, VIC

Elcho Park Pet Hotel, VIC

Gold Coast Pet Resort- Currumbin, QLD

The Pet Chalet, QLD

Acacia Ridge Pet Resort, QLD

The Furry Godmother, NT

Beau's Pet Hotel, SA

Mangalore Kennels & Cattery, TAS

Margate Country Kennels, TAS


Luxury Australian cat boarding

Cat Utopia Resort & Spa, NSW

Small Paws Pet Hotel, NSW

Hotel for Cats, NSW

The Pets Hotel, VIC

The Catz Pyjamas, VIC

The Cat Motel, VIC

Catterlodge Luxury Cattery, VIC

Elcho Park Pet Hotel, VIC

Feline 5 Star Accommodation, WA

Amity Feline Retreat, WA

The Furry Godmother, NT

The Pet Chalet, QLD

The Cats Meow, QLD

Beau's Pet Hotel, SA

Purr Luxury Cat Hotel, ACT/NSW

Pangarinda Cat Boarding, TAS


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